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About KB Productions

KB Productions was founded in 1994 by Karl Becker. Web site design has been part of the company since 1996, when Karl made his first website. The year 2006 should be a year of great celebration. Karl will graduate from college, it will mark a decade of web design for KB Productions, and KB Productions should make it into the Fortune 500... at least, that's a dream.

The KB Productions website has gone through numerous changes over the years, with its current blue-on-white look inaugurated in the summer of 2002. If you'd like a chuckle, take a look at the first ever web site designed by Karl. He's come a long way... at least, that's the hope.

KB Productions is stationed in North Dakota. If you'd like to contact us, please visit the contact page.

KB Productions is run by Karl Becker. However, when reading many articles on the website (including this one!) , either a third-person writing style or an inclusive "we" format of language is used. Since many people help out Karl at one time or another with various projects, these writing styles seem natural. Also, it makes the company seem bigger!

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact...uh...us!





Latest updates:

KTA Tennis preview release

KGA Golf 1.2

Tiger's Eye Pub 1.1.1



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"They didn't want it good. They wanted it Wednesday." -- Robert Heinlein, by way of Gary Vetter