Back at the Clubhouse

version 1.1.1 | by KB Productions

Back at the Clubhouse is a free utility that was developed for the sole intention of keeping my own personal golf scores in one handy place. But, since I spent the time making it, I thought other people would be interested in using the program as well!

Version 1.1.1 fixes a really silly bug related to saving - all 1.1 users should download it now! 1.1 introduces statistics, so you can keep track of best & worst holes on courses you've played, as well as how your performance has fared over time.

-- Karl Becker, website


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Download now for Mac OS X - 828K

Download now for Mac OS 9, 8, 7 - 848K

Would you like to see continued development of Back at the Clubhouse?

If so, please make a small donation to KB Productions. We have set up a $7.00 donation item on our game order form specifically for Back at the Clubhouse donations.

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New Feature Ideas?

If you have ideas for new features you'd like to see implemented, please send an e-mail! An e-mail from someone who has donated to the game's development will be considered a little bit quicker.

Windows Version

Interested in a Windows version of Back at the Clubhouse? Let us know, and we'll make it happen soon! As of right now, we're planning on charging a small fee for the Windows version - probably the $7.00 fee of the free donation above. However, the Windows version will probably disable some of its features after a couple of weeks of use.

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Try out KGA Golf 1.1, a new golf game from KB Productions! It features colorful graphics, lots of sounds, save games, best round tallying, and more. It was inspired by the Game Boy game "Golf." KGA Golf costs $15.00.

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