KGA Golf
1.3 | by KB Productions

KGA Golf is a simple, fun arcade golf game. You can create your dream golf course completely from scratch with the Course Editor. Learn more about the Course Editor.

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  • New in 1.3 - Universal Binary for Mac OS X
  • New in 1.3 - 14 courses including new courses created by prolific course designer Serge Reney
  • New in 1.3 - anti-aliased graphics
  • New in 1.3 - less waiting, quicker gameplay, better user interface
  • New in 1.3 - Yardage markers on every hole
  • Automatically save your round-in-progress - perfect if you only have a few minutes to play golf
  • automatic club selection
  • Men's, Ladies', and Championship tees
  • Fun variety of sounds and graphics
  • Target Golf game mode - a whole new way to play the golf courses - aim for the bullseye!

KGA Golf was inspired by Game Boy Golf, one of the most perfectly simple sporting experiences I have had.

I hope you enjoy the game. Please send all comments you have to

-- Karl Becker, owner of KB Productions


Free Download

Try KGA Golf for free: 12MB download

Mac OS X Universal Binary
Mac OS 7, 8, 9 (1.2 available, 1.3 coming soon)

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Download new courses here, or e-mail courses you've made to have them featured on the downloadable courses page.

Confused about how to play? Learn how to swing by watching this movie.


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Please purchase KGA Golf

You can try out two courses of KGA Golf for free. To unlock all the courses, purchase KGA Golf for $19.00. Once you purchase, you can also:

  • make your own courses with the Course Editor
  • automatically save your game all the time (game saving is disabled after five days of playing)
  • download and play new courses available online

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