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KTA Tennis is a fast action tennis game that aims to serve some fun into your computer.

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Version 1.21 features:

  • Tournament mode - compete in a tournament against many other computer opponents
  • smarter computer player
  • 1 player and 2-player mode
  • lifetime statistic tracking
  • speed throttle

Please let me know your thoughts by e-mailing me. KTA Tennis was inspired by classic video games like Nintendo's Tennis and Super Tennis.

-- Karl Becker, lead programmer


Try KTA Tennis for free.

Mac OS X

Download size: 7.9 MB

System requirements:
10 MB hard drive space

Windows users: ensure QuickTime, available with iTunes, is installed


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To completely unlock the game and get access to:

  • unlimited play time
  • all 4 characters playable
  • Intermediate and Professional difficulty levels
  • Automatic game save
  • 2-player and Tournament mode

Plus, get all future 1.x updates of KTA Tennis for free.


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