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Step 1: Enter Your Data

Excel iconTo get started, download a sample Excel spreadsheet with the proper format. Copy and paste it into the form to the right, select "Tab separated," and you're ready to go.

The Odometer value is required for each entry. Other available columns are listed:
Column NameDefault ValuePossible Values
Entry Type Gas Gas, Oil Change, etc. (To import fuel entries that calculate fuel economy, be sure the Entry Type is "Gas")
Entry Subtype Regular Regular, Super, Premium, an oil weight (10W-30, etc), or other related subtypes
Quantity 1.0 A number
Quantity Units gal gal or L (case sensitive)
Is Full Tank 1 (Full Tank) 0 or 1 (Partial or Full Tank)
Reset (fuel economy) 0 (Does not reset fuel economy) 0 or 1 (Does not or does reset fuel economy)
Currency $ Any currency - note: please use the word Euro instead of the € sign - this issue will be fixed soon
Price 0.00 price for a service entry or price per quantity unit (L or gal) for gas entry (number only, do not include currency sign)
Notes (Nothing) Any text you would like associated with an entry, such as the location
Date 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Any date formatted as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS or 3-letter Month, 2-digit day, 4-digit Year Time AM/PM (as formatted by Car Care's export command, for example: Sep 17, 2008 11:31 AM)
Location 500.0, 500.0 (Invalid latitude and longitude on Earth, meaning no location is specified) x.x, y.y (where x.x is the latitude as a decimal number from -90.0 to 90.0 [0 is the equator], and y.y is longitude, from -360.0 to 360.0 [0 is the prime meridian]. Separate the two values with a single comma and space.)

How is your data formatted?

Tab separated (default from Car Care)
Comma separated

All data is enclosed by double quotes (for example, "Odometer","Date","1230")

Paste your data below. Please have it formatted in this way:
Column headings in Line 1, and data in line 2 and below. Put each new entry on a new line. For example:

Odometer Entry Type Entry Subtype Price per unit Quantity Quantity Units
10423 Gas Super 3.899 10.1 gal
10619 Gas Super 3.849 10.2 gal

If you are experiencing problems with Car Care importing, please e-mail